Best places to take photos at kulu Manali

Best places to take photos at kulu Manali
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There are several best places in kulu Manali which are famous for tourist visit and for taking photos at that point too.

Best places to take photos at kulu Manali

There are several best places in kulu Manali which are famous for tourist visit and for taking photos at that point too. These places are full with beautiful sceneries where people do love to click their photos so that they can make lots of memories in a particular trip. Let’s see some of the favourite places where tourists love to take kullu manali photos.

Hadimba temple-

This is a beautiful temple, which is said to be dedicated to hadimba, which was the wife of Pandu son Bhim. It is said to be one of the best places where tourist love to visit. This place is so beautiful and covered with lots of trees and greeneries from all the sides. Who so ever comes here they would love to click photos over here. A temple in the middle looks so ancient and beautiful even from outside. People who do not carry their camera with them do love to get their pictures clicked by the photographers which are available there on the spot.

Himachal museum of culture and folk art

This place is very near to hadimba temple, tourist generally prefer walking to reach this place. Museum does shows the complete culture of Himachal, its specialities, it’s tradition dress, its antique art pieces, pictures of kings who have rule over there. Their religious relics, house hold objects, weapons, musical instruments and many more other things. People do love to get their photos clicked with all these beautiful historical things.

Tibetan monasteries

This is another tourist place which is very famous and people do keep it in their visiting place list. This is situated in the middle of the main market of Manali which is called as mall road, it is a beautiful and calm place which do contain all kind of serenity in it. It is very clean place and tourist have to take care that they should not spread any mess on this place. This place has a beautiful scenic view and people love to click photographs inside the monasteries as well as outside the monasteries.

Manu temple

This place is not very far from Manali, it is approximately 3 km away from mall road, famous Manu temple is the most beautifully designed and crafted piece of art which is very popular amongst the tourists. The premises of this temple do provide the sense of peace and serenity to all the tourists who walk into this place.

Club house

This tourist place in Manali is famous for all kinds of adventurous activities that people love to try once when they come here. This place is divided in different sections which is full of several different activities and sports. There are several indoor activities too which one can enjoy, views at this place are so beautiful that people do love to get them clicked over here. Different activities at this place are table tennis, carom, skating, and river crossing, boating and go-karting.

These are some of the beautiful tourist place which is famous for their mesmerising views.


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